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Makeup Storage!

For those that know me you will know that I love my makeup storage. I like to know exactly what I’ve got, where it is and what colour I have it in. Before I had my makeup storage my makeup was always in a mess, stuffed in any bag, draw or container  I could find. I never knew what I had and would quite often shove an item in a draw to forget about it! Now that I am super organised I never lose a product as everything has its place and most importantly all my products stay immaculately clean, this is probably partly to do with the fact that I love to show it off.

I know that many of you have asked where I got my storage from so I thought I would share all my storage purchases below.

Pretty Clear Things

The grand Makeup Box – This is probably my favourite of all my makeup storage but also the most expensive! This is a great size box and fits most of my makeup and beauty products in it. It has 5 draws of different sizes which I love as the bottom draw is nice and deep which I find great for storing all my makeup palettes. The box is hand made and made out of acrylic, it has great style and the draws slide easily.

To go with this I also purchased the 12 lipstick holder which looks uber cool placed on top of my grand makeup box with all my favourite shades ready to use.

The grand makeup box is priced at £139.99 and The 12 lipstick holder £12.99

Check out their website

Muji makeup storage

Muji make up and beauty storage is great value for money and I have bought several items from their website. They offer different accessories made from transparent acrylic including acrylic boxes with drawers, pots and pots with partitions. I have the acrylic box-5 drawers which consists of  5 thin draws which I find great for keeping my collection of lip glosses in, the draws are well made and easily slide which makes a great feature in my dressing room, muji offer other draws in different shapes and sizes. I also have the acrylic pen pot rectangular which I use keep all my makeup brushes in.

Acrylic box – 5 drawers is priced at £24.95, Acrylic pen pot rectangular £1.95

Check out their website

TK Maxx

Acrylic pot – 4 partitions, this was one of my great finds in TK Maxx who have been selling a selection of Acrylic storage, I found it at the bargain price of £5.99. I like to keep cotton buds, cleansing pads and a few miscellaneous items in it which I find handy siting on my dressing table. As an alternative muji sell a version of this called the acrylic pot – 3 partitions for £5.50.

To find their nearest store to you check out this link


We have a shop in Cambridge called Tiger which sells a selection of stylish products at reasonable prices I found this funky little accessories and lipstick holder for only £2.99!

To find their nearest store to you check out this link

I hope you find this article helpful as always feel free to comment and join in, I would love to hear if anyone has found any alternative makeup storage solutions!


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