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I love MAC make up! It is amongst my favourite brands and I have just been on a bit of a spending spree, I am like most people I have my favourite items that I always buy but I am trying to be more experimental by trying new products . I thought I would share my new purchases below



MAC makeup spongesIMG_2734


I always use the MAC sponges I find they are good quality and last me ages, I like the ones that you can wash and reuse as I like to keep them clean. I find that they leave my foundation with a smooth finish and are good for correcting any mistakes.

Sponges range from £4.50 – £6.00


Pro Longwear Eye Liner – Colour Black Ice


IMG_2731.jpgI have been using this eyeliner for a few years now and I should probably try another, however I really like this one. I find it nice and creamy which makes it easy to apply; it also has a waterproof formula which is smudge proof. I find that it lasts throughout the day but not the 12 hours that is claims, if I am going out in the evening I need to top it up to give my eyes that nice sharp image again. It tends to last me a good few months so I don’t think it’s a bad price at £16.50


Prep and Prime Lip


I haven’t used a lip primer before so this is one of my thinking outside of the box products. It offers a colour free base to wear under your lipstick and helps to moisturise, smooth and refine your lips. I leave this lip primer for a few minutes after applying then once dry apply my lip colour, so far I like it and it creates a semi matte base for my lip colour, it also smells great to!

I read quite a few reviews on this product that suggested that the product has snapped after a few uses however I haven’t had this problem, I think the trick is not to extend the product fully, you only need to extend a few millimetres just enough for what you need to use.

Price £13.50


Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

I love MAC finishing powder! And ive been using this for a couple of years now . I usually use the loose transparent powder but I thought I would try the pressed version this time instead. I have to say that once you start using transparent powder you will never step out without it again. I always finish my make up off by putting a dusting of this over my finished face, it has a silky touch and reduces shine. I find the pressed version works just as well, I use a brush to apply and feel that with the pressed powder I can get a thicker layer to finish with, which leaves my skin looking smooth and matte.

Well worth it for £20.50


Check out the MAC website at

Im sure there are lots of other MAC lovers out there just like me! If you have used any of these products or love another product from MAC please comment and tell everyone all about it.


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