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Benefit Cosmetics


I am Benefit mad! and below are my new purchases and a little bit of history about this funky cosmetic company.

Benefit are a youthful brand with a quirky edge, everything from their products, packaging, website and slogans are groovy and colourful.

Benefit was founded in 1976 by twins Jean and Jane Ford who opened a small boutique in San Fransisco specialising in quick fix products for beauty dilemmas. Benefit has now grown into a company who have over 2000 counters in 30 different countries.

Benefits first product was a blush and lip tint called rose tint this has now been renamed as the Benetint!

Below I have posted The Benefesto which is the company’s motto, every time I read this it makes me smile

We believe in WHISTLING WHILE YOU WORK IT…and faking it ‘til you make it.We believe in FAST & FABULOUS BEAUTY solutions…and that glamour is GRABBING LIFE BY THE GIGGLES and not letting go. We believe if at first you don’t succeed, APPLY MORE LIPSTICK…that SEXY gets you everywhere…and if you can’t be good, BE GORGEOUS.


Pucker up and Party


I recently bought this Benefit set, it was such good value at just £9 in the sale!

I am in love with with the lip balms benebalm and posiebalm which are hydrating tinted lip balms, both balms condition and hydrate with mango butter and sodium hyalurate. They give a natural look which is great for wearing throughout the day. Benebalm is a rose tinted colour while Posiebalm gives off a poppy-pink tint.

The set also comes with the original rose tinted stain which was originally created for an exotic dancer and has soared to cult fave status. The benetint is a lip and cheek stain which is a great multiuse product for your makeup bag. Just one layer gives you a natural look adding a healthy glow to your cheeks and lips, to create a darker lip colour just add another layer, don’t be put off by the dark colour in the bottle when applied it gives a natural look.  The benetint also smells great with a rose scent.

I also got the poisetint in this set which is a poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain. Again don’t be put off by the colour in the bottle as it blends to a subtle natural look.

Benebalm and Posiebalm are priced at £14.50

Benetint and Posietint are priced at £24.50


Watt’s Up


I have recently really got into highlighting and now gone are the days when I only highlight for nights out, I now highlight on a daily basis!

I wanted a highlighter that wasn’t as bright as some of my others and this has been the perfect fit. Watt’s up is a champagne colour highlighter with a cream to powder finish, it gives off the perfect amount of sheer. I apply to my cheekbones, brow bones and just above my lip. I don’t usually use the applicator to blend I tend to use my fingers instead.

Watt’s up priced at £24.50

As you can see from my photos the packaging is eye-catching, trendy and full of colour which looks good in any makeup collection.

You can check out their website at

As always feel free to comment if you have used any of these products or any others from the benefit collection.









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      1. I found a last skin care tin from benefit It cost me £26 for the full it’s potent cream, the full triple performing facial emulsion, a medium porefessional and a small instant comeback serum. X

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