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For those of you that follow my blog you will know that I recently blogged about Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment which I absolutely loved!

You can use this link to check out my previous blog and read up on a bit of the GLAMGLOW history.


I was rather excited when I recently went skiing in Courchevel, France and stumbled upon my favourite shop Sephora. After a week of skiing in the various conditions of the alps I was left with dry skin and chapped lips and looking for a little pick me up! Thats when I found the GLAMGLOW section in Sephora and discovered GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD.

I had been itching to try another of the GLAMGLOW MUDS since using the YOUHTMUD and now I had the perfect excuse to buy! I liked the way this product was sold to me in its bright blue trendy packaging and after a harsh week of the mountainous weather THIRSTYMUD claimed that it would hydrate, moisturise, restore, replenish and calm my skin which is exactly what I was looking for. It also stated that it uses 4 of its newest technologies for hydrating the skin which are Dewdration, Hydrapack, GreenEnergy and Teaoxi ground olive leaf.

THIRSTY MUD is great for all ages, all skin types, men and women and is apparently great for the guys when applied post-shaving.

I also loved the fact that THIRSTYMUD could be used in different ways for a quick pick me up or an intense overnight moisture.

THIRSTY MUD is designed to be used 2-3 times a week or just when needed and you apply an even layer to clean skin on the face and neck. You can use for DAY USE, NIGHT USE or even DURING A FLIGHT.

For day use you apply for 10-20 mins for a quick pick me up and can remove the product with a tissue and then massage the remaining  cream into your skin or give your skin a quick splash of water.

For night use you apply to skin and leave on throughout the night to wake up to hydrated skin.

For flight use you apply to your skin at the beginning of a flight and leave on for the duration.


Overall I feel this has been a great versatile skin masque with a lovely scent when applied which reminds me of a light honey scent. So far my favourite way to apply this cream is at night for extreme hydrated skin in the morning leaving my skin feeling fresh, plump and dewy. I will defiantly be packing this mud mask in my ski bag for holidays to come for a quick refresh in the evenings, another great MUD from GLAMGLOW and I can’t wait to try another.

To learn more about GLAMGLOW’S 4 newest technologies see the pictures below and as always let me know which GLAMGLOW products you have used or would like to try and what you think?



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