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GARNIER Moisture Bomb



I was recently super excited to receive these 2 free samples from Garnier to test their new face moisturising creams MOISTURE BOMB. I received both day and night creams which meant that I could really get a good feel for these products.

I’ve been using Garnier moisture bomb for a few weeks now as I wanted to test them properly, I love my skin care products and usually opt for using high end creams which are expensive and promise to work all kinds of wonders! I was pleased to receive these as I feel that Garnier is really giving the very competitive market of skin care a run for their money offering good quality products at very reasonable prices.


Garnier Moisture Bomb – DAY


This cream is a super hydrating antioxidant moisturiser which includes SPF10. I really like the fact this cream is SPF10 because I never choose a cream without a SPF content as it’s really important to protect your skin from sun damage! This cream is for dehydrated skin which I really needed after skiing in the alps with the mountainous weather. It also says that it reduces the appearance of fine lines and has antioxidant pomegranate and amla extracts with 7% plant serum. Pomegrante and alma are known to help combat the harmful effects of daily aggressors and the plant serum is to help hydrate the skin and infuse it with radiance and reduce the signs of ageing.

I love this cream! you only need to use a little, I use this cream in the morning before applying make up. The cream absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky effect. After application my skin feels soft and smooth.

I have to say that after using for this cream for a few weeks I have noticed that my skin is feeling highly moisturised and radiant leaving my skin looking healthy.


Garnier Moisture Bomb – Night


This cream is a super–recharging antioxidant gel-cream which hydrates up to 10 layers of skin, recharges and replumps the skin. It contains antioxidant pomegranate and alma extracts with 15% plant serum. This cream offers 72 hours continuous hydration and assists with making fine lines appear visibly replumped.

Ive been really impressed with this cream, I don’t usually like gel creams as I find them sticky and they don’t usually feel good on my skin however this gel cream is great. It absorbs into the skin quickly, you can almost feel your skin plumping up and looking refreshed. The skin feels soft and smooth after use without a sticky or greasy feel.

Both Moisture Bomb day and night creams are dermatologically tested and are suitable for sensitive skin.

I have been extremely impressed with both these creams, they come in cool bright coloured packaging and after a few weeks I really feel they work with my skin. My skin is visibly smoother and looks healthier and hydrated.

Also the best part is that both creams retail for approximately £7.99 each! I will defiantly be switching from my high end creams to Garnier Moisture Bomb.

For reference on pricing I checked and Superdrug has currently got a deal on both creams and they are selling for just £5.29 each. (obviously this is the price for today 11/05/16 and is subject to change at anytime)

If you’re interested in this product or any other Garnier products check out their website

Boots and Superdrug have got some great deals on Garnier products at the moment, you can check out their websites below

If you have enjoyed this blog leave me a like, if you have used Garnier Moisture Bomb please comment and tell myself and others what you think.



  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I’ve been in a search for new day and night creams to switch up my skincare routine. So with your review and the affordable price this will definitely have to be purchased soon 🙂

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