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It’s all about the brows!


Like I’ve said before gone are the days where we used to worry about going out without our mascara on now its all about the brows! Does anyone go out now without a perfectly shaped eyebrow? or at least most of us try!

As everyone knows I love benefit cosmetics and I’ve been raiding my makeup bag to see what products I love to use. I thought with Benefit just launching their new eyebrow range on the 24th June this would be a good time to see what they have already offered us.

The brow market is worth an estimated £20 million, selling just over a staggering 1.1 million products per year. Benefit is the Number 1 brow brand in the UK and takes 50% of the British market. With Benefit being brow experts since 1976 and the launch of their 1800 brow bars in 49 countries you can see why they have the edge on this market!

Benefit have just launched 13 new eyebrow products with 6 new shades available making it even easier to find that perfect match.

Lets see what i found,

Instant Brow pencil – £16.50


I love this brow pencil it is a must in my make up bag! I like to use this pencil in the mornings before work it is quick and easy to use. This pencil comes in 3 different colours – light, medium and deep. Its easy to use as it glides on easily using the combination of wax and powder and leaves your brow with a natural powder – like finish. It also comes with a blending spoolie to finish off those eyebrows perfectly.



Brow zings – £24.50

Don’t we all just love brow zings ? with its cute brow shaping kit! This now comes in 6 shades –  2 light,  2medium and  2 shades of deep. I find this kit great when I have a little extra time on my hands. Firstly you start by shaping the brow with the wax to get the look you want and then fill out the brow using the setting powder to give that more full natural look. Brow zings is presented in a handy compact with mirror, hard angle brush, blending brush and tweezers, everything you need for those perfect brows!

Gimme Brow – £18.50


This is a volumizing gel with tiny microfibres that adhere to the skin and hair for fuller looking eyebrows. Its available in 3 shades – light, medium and deep and is water resistant. Gimme brow is easy to apply by stroking the brush along the brow to shape, you can do this several times to build the effect and is great with those little microfibres to give you more depth and fullness.

High brow eyebrow highlighter and high brow glow brow highlighter – £17.50


I find these a must in my makeup bag especially as the the rage now is to highlight, highlight, highlight!

High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter – this has a pinky colour to it and its creamy formula glides onto the brow bone easily, it blends nicely and leaves a natural looking matte finish.

High Brow Glow Brow Highlighter – I love this shade which is champagne pink it illuminates the brow bone under the arches and has a smooth blendable formula leaving your eyes looking fresh and luminous.


To see the new Benefit Eyebrow range check out their website where  you can see all the new products and funky new packaging!

To find out more about Benefit or to see one of my other Benefit blogposts click this Link

Feel free to leave a comment and tell everyone what your favourite Brow product is!




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