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I am always on the search for new products and recently I was invited to try the Tropic range. I had never even heard of Tropic so before I went I had a little google to see what this product was all about!

I am so happy to have been introduced to Tropic and I think that we are going to become really good friends! Tropic skincare is a natural product where all the ingredients are listed in ‘English’ and include a best before date so that you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. We quite often think about the food we eat and what we are putting into our bodies but with your skin being the largest organ on your body, have you really thought about what you are putting on it? I know that I hadn’t until meeting this brand!

So who are Tropic?

Susan Ma is the founder of Tropic and was bought up in Caines, Tropical North Queensland in Australia, she had a passion for natural skincare and after moving to London created Tropic. The first product was created in Susan’s kitchen which was the Body Smooth Polish, it was freshly handmade using a family recipe and sold for the first time at Greenwich Market, London.

How did Tropic take off?

Well if you watch BBC’s the apprentice you may already know this product! In 2011 Susan appeared on the apprentice, Lord Alan Sugar bought into Susan’s vision for natural and cruelty free skincare and invested to become a 50\50 partner. A year later the social selling platform was created and the mission begins to empower people and give them the opportunity to start their own beauty business’s on their own terms.

Where are Tropic now?

Tropic to date has over 5000 ambassadors and have over 70 stunning products in their range, the company has currently paid out more than £9 million in commission to their ambassadors, has a portfolio of 22 prestigious beauty awards and looks on an onwards and upwards journey to success.

Why have I fallen in love with Tropic?

I love the fact that the Tropic brand are a fresh and natural product, no nasty ingredients added! I also loved that I was invited into my local ambassadors home and had a chance to use and experience the products first properly, applying them to my skin and getting a feel for the products before buying which made sure that I was buying the products that really suited me!

What did I buy?

Well to be honest I could have bought it all! but I had to have some restraint!

The skin care range is fantastic and it was really hard to choose what was going to be my first ever Tropic product. Anyone that follows my social media will know that I’m really into any product with hyaluronic acid at the moment, I can’t help it I want that youthful glow! I therefore bought the GOOD SKIN DAY resurfacing serum, it a restorative serum that resurfaces the top layer of the skin to reveal a brighter, more youthful looking complexion over night. This product has given me a real pick me up, over the last few weeks I’ve been suffering with the dreaded spots which is actually really unusual for me, I have always been very lucky! My skin has been left instantly boosted and my skin is finally starting to clear up. GOOD SKIN DAY is usually priced at £42 but I got it for £31.50 on a special offer.


I also bought the LASH EXTENSION KIT. I cannot tell you how good this is! First you apply the fixing gel and then apply the nylon extension fibres, WOW instant eyelash extensions for that special night out, you then finish off by reapplying the the fixing gel. These extension fibres help layer lashes for up to 5x more volume and more than double the length. The kit is priced at £25


The last product I chose was a LIP GLAZE in the shade SUGAR PLUM. You can never have enough lip glosses! The lip glaze is a moisturising glossy lip colour and is full of vitamin E, wild mango butter and strawberry extract. The LIP GLAZE was priced at £14.


I really can’t wait to purchase more from this brand, I am already looking at the skin care range, foot care range and facemarks along with the super greens nutrient boost serum, my list is endless.

You can check out the Tropic website at

You can order online or find your local Tropic ambassador so that you can get a real feel for the products first!





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